_MG_7103When I was a kid, I was an insomniac. I stayed up most nights reading books that I shouldn’t have been reading and watching movies that I shouldn’t have been watching.

Later, I studied literature and creative writing with an acute interest in Beckerian psychoanalytics.

I started an art, literature, and culture publication called Perversion Magazine for future insomnia riddled kids and culturally curious adults to read late at night or whenever they feel like it. It’s really beautiful.

I write, capture photos, and create videos. But most importantly, I tell stories.

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Here are some things I’ve done or have been featured for on the Internet (everything’s a link):

Surfing Things:
“Windward” on The Inertia
“It’s Tropical: Barbados” on Surfing Magazine
“Barely Legal” on Surfing Magazine


Perversion Magazine:
“Perverted by Language” by Folio Weekly
“Kontrast Fashion Show” by WJCT
“Kontrast Fashion Show” by The Specktator/Jax Magazine
“One Spark Profile” by The Florida Times Union
“Albums I Currently don’t Hate”
Weird Humans: Kissing 
“Weird Humans: Blue Angels”
“We Are Perverts”
“Pens Are Important”
“Russian Dog Drawings”


First Coast Magazine:
“Citrus with Care”
“Whisnant Surfboards”
“The Science Behind Florida Cracker Cattle”
“The Way to Kirie”
“As the Wood Turns”


396 Hours: A Collection of Short Stories